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Looking for my next
to make a change.
The digital way.

This is me

As an individual, I am extremely adaptable and resourceful in my approach. Outside of my corporate career, I take pride in child education, mental health, philanthropy/charity, and women empowerment. My people centric mindset has allowed me to succeed in many aspects of life and firmly believe in the ideology of "We" vs "I".

Project Management  Cultural Change Content Strategy

 Digital operations  Campaign Management 

 Branding  Social Media Events management  Creative Initiatives Volunteering  Content management  Digital Technology & Innovation

I enlighten companies
in digital initiatives
and campaigns

High performing marketing professional with 15+ years of experience driving multi-million dollar growth in a variety of corporate and entrepreneurial environments. Strong command of project management, agile leadership, cultural change, DE&I, customer care, e-commerce operations with significant exposure to pioneering marketing strategy, branding, content development, consumer insights, SEO/SEM, process improvement and strategic planning.

​Core expertise lies in implementing strategic initiatives, overseeing marketing strategies, and leading diverse staff to maximize development, efficiency, and overall business performance. Adept in ensuring alignment with organizational goals, facilitating streamlined operations and leveraging a data driven strategy used to make insightful marketing decisions.

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